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“This assortment of natural sounds is in sharp contrast to the jarring jangle of most electronica and an educational reminder about the extinction crisis.”
- Curves magazine

“Wireless ringtones and social consciousness. An unlikely pair? Not anymore.”
- Wireless Week


Will this work on my phone?

Not all phones and carriers allow you to download ringtones onto your phone, but if you've started your service or upgraded within the last couple of years, chances are the ringtones will be loaded to your phone in no time.

The general idea is that you can either 1) download the ringtone to your phone or computer, then move it to your phone's ringtone folder (this may require using software provided by your phone's manufacturer) or 2) scan a ringtone QR code with your phone, which will take you to a page that contains a download link for the ringtone you've selected. You'll then need to move the ringtone from your phone's download folder into its ringtone folder and then choose that as your preferred ringtone.