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BAND-BELLIED OWL } Pulsatrix melanota


RANGE: Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru

STATUS: The status of this owl is uncertain, but Owlpages.com considers this species probably Rare and Endangered. NatureServe ranks it as Apparently Secure.

THREATS: Unknown

This striking bird poses both a puzzle and a challenge for scientists. We know almost nothing about it, but at the rate habitats are changing in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru — where band-bellied owls have been spotted — we know we have to act quickly to determine its status. Bird scientists need to know how many band-bellied owls still thrive in the wild, what kind of habitat the owl likes best, how (and what) it hunts, and how it raises its young. Scientists aren’t sure if this owl species is rare and endangered. We think it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that’s why we’re telling you about this marvelous creature here and now.

Photo © Lou Hegedus