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BUFF-FRONTED OWL } Aegolius harrisii


RANGE: Throughout the Andes (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru), and in Guyana, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay

STATUS: Buff-fronted owls are uncommon in at least parts of their range. The species is possibly Near Threatened. Owlpages.com considers this species probably Rare and locally absent. NatureServe lists it as Imperiled.

THREATS: Unknown

Buff-fronted owls live in elfin cloud forests and dry forests throughout the Andes Mountains of South America, and in mountain reaches from Guyana to Uruguay — the vast Amazon basin separates these two ranges. This nocturnal bird follows a pattern established by many other owls: it likes to lay its eggs in tree holes and it eats rodents and other small mammals, but won’t turn up its beak at other birds or insects. Little is known about this species, and threats to its survival are unknown at this time.