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TAWNY-BROWED OWL } Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana

RANGE: Southern Brazil, northeastern Argentina, and eastern Paraguay

STATUS: Owlpages.com considers the tawny-browed owl Uncommon to Rare and locally Endangered. NatureServe ranks it as Imperiled.

THREATS: Logging of rainforest habitat

The tawny-browed owl is struggling to survive in the face of logging and fragmentation of its rainforest habitat. This species ranges in ever-decreasing numbers throughout southern Brazil, northeastern Argentina, and eastern Paraguay; from what scientists have been able to learn so far, it thrives best in lowland rainforest, montane Atlantic rainforest, and open woodland. Tawny-browed owl populations may have decreased in Argentina, and in Paraguay its range is restricted to a small area.

Photo © Arthur Grosset